Shawn Moynihan

Josh Ramos handled my case. I gave him a call about once a month to get an update, and they always answered or gave me a call back. I put all my trust in their hands, and they did everything to make sure I was taken care of. The case went for a while and Josh always stayed motivated and dedicated to protecting me as his client. Workers’ compensation really tries to drag you through the dirt. Luckily, I had Ramos and Ramos to help me out. As a person who unfortunately has had to use different firms for other incidents, Ramos and Ramos was twice as good as my other attorney who wouldn’t even return 1 phone call a month. If you’re a reasonable and respectful person who needs help, don’t hesitate to call Ramos and Ramos.

Thank you, Mr. Ramos and team for all of your hard work and dedication. I’m happy I’m finally finished with all the grief of workers’ compensation.