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Stairway Accident Lawyer Buffalo

Stairway accidents can set a person back for months, or even years down the road, and if you’ve been hurt in an unsafe stairway, a Buffalo stairway accident here at our firm is ready to help you attain the compensation you need to heal. Continue reading and contact Ramos & Ramos to learn more about stairway accidents in Buffalo and how our legal team can assist you.

Buffalo Stairway Accident Lawyer | On Your Side

According to the National Safety Council, over one million people are injured by falling down the stairs. Of those one million injuries, over 12,000 are fatal. In fact, stairway accidents are the second-most common type of accident that leads to injuries, second only to motor vehicle collisions. The unfortunate reality of stairway accidents, however, is that most of them are entirely preventable.

Often, people slip or trip and fall because of unsafe stairway conditions. If you are one of them, you cannot afford to proceed without an experienced Buffalo slip and fall lawyer on your side. We’ve handled countless stairway accident claims over the years, and we’re prepared to handle yours as well.

Causes of Stairway Accidents in Buffalo

Of course, there are times where a person can lose his or her footing, misstep, and fall down the stairs. That said, in many cases, stairway accidents are a direct result of unsafe stairway conditions. Some of the leading causes of stairway accidents are as follows:

  • Missing steps
  • Defective or missing railings
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Dim lighting
  • Inadequate security
  • Dangerous stair risers
  • Design defects
  • Building code violations

Bringing a Claim

If you were hurt in a stairway because of unsafe conditions, such as slippery surfaces, the first thing you should do is call the police and seek medical treatment. If you can, you should also try and document exactly how your accident occurred via pictures of the stairway conditions, witness statements, medical documents regarding your injuries, and more. In some cases, our firm can subpoena surveillance footage that captured your accident as it happened. Ensure you never try to go it alone–you need competent legal assistance who can effectively handle your claim.

Contact a Buffalo Stairway Accident Lawyer

For decades, the legal team here at Ramos & Ramos has dedicated itself to fending for the wrongly injured in Western New York. Let us help you, too. Contact Ramos & Ramos today to schedule your free initial consultation with our seasoned and caring legal team.

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