Disproving 5 Common Personal Injury Myths

People involved in an accident may endure physical, emotional, and psychological pain and suffering. Furthermore, victims must face the costs of medical bills and income loss. There are various misconceptions about personal injury cases, which is why you must learn the facts yourself.

1. “I don’t need to hire an attorney to fight my case”

Although it is not mandatory to hire an attorney, individuals who take on a case themselves may encounter difficult challenges. Settling a claim without extensive personal injury knowledge can quickly become complicated. Insurance companies focus on producing the highest profit, even at the expense of your health. They try to settle cases for less than deserved, especially when an individual takes on their own case with no legal help. Personal injury attorneys know how to combat insurance company tactics, which gives you the upper hand. Hiring an attorney to negotiate on your behalf generally results in a larger settlement given their experience and ambition to protect your legal rights.

2. “Personal Injury cases are too lengthy”

A common misconception is that the cases are long and drawn out. This assumption results in injured individuals neglecting to seek legal help when they need it most. In reality, most personal injury cases do not even make it to trial. Instead, they usually get resolved in settlements that are reached outside of the courtroom. To inquire more information about a potential case, fill out Ramos & Ramos’ Free Case Evaluation today.

3. “Hiring a personal injury attorney is too expensive”

Hiring an attorney does not have to be costly. If you hire an attorney who charges based on a contingency fee, you do not pay them until your case is won. A contingency method means you do not spend any money until you have received compensation. Ramos & Ramos attorneys provide a Free Case Evaluation to discover more details about the accident, ask essential questions, and determine if your case will be approved. Additionally, our lawyers are paid on a contingency basis.

4. “I can file my personal injury case anytime!”

New York State has a Statute of Limitations that limits the amount of time individuals have to file a claim. It is better to move swiftly to avoid becoming ineligible to file your claim. Generally, NYS allows up to three years from the date of injury for individuals to pursue a Personal Injury case. However, it is recommended that you act sooner rather than later to gather the evidence to build your case. This is crucial to ensure you receive the best compensation offer possible.

5. “Minor injuries don’t warrant an attorney”

Even if your injuries aren’t critical, you still may deserve compensation. Accidents that result in minor injuries are often the cases where insurance companies attempt to short-change your settlement. This is why working with an attorney can increase your chances to earn more. To find out more about personal injury cases, visit our page.