How Can I Make Sure My Property is safe for trick-or-treaters this Halloween?

If instead of trick-or-treating, you are handing out candy this Halloween, you should prepare your home for visitors as you are responsible for any dangerous conditions on your property. By participating in passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, homeowners are inviting them onto their property. Once they are on your property, if anything causes an injury to occur such as a dog bite, or tripping on a faulty step, you may be held liable for any damages.  Homeowners need to ensure their property is safe for trick-or-treaters to approach. This doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home, you simply have to be careful of where you place them. There are several steps you should take to ensure that your home is safe for trick-or-treaters. If you are looking for safety tips on how to keep your property safe this Halloween, read on.

What are some tips on how to ensure my property is safe for Halloween?

There are several steps you can take to ensure your property is safe for trick-or-treaters when they approach your home this Halloween.

Safety tips for decorating: 

  • Decorate with props that are secured and won’t fall onto trick-or-treaters approaching your property
  • Keep all walkways clear of any obstacle
  • Make sure decorations are not overloading your electrical outlets
  • Make sure your stairs are visible and not completely covered with spooky decorations
  • Keep your porch well-lit to avoid any falls because visitors cannot see where they are going
  • Reduce risks by fixing any unsafe areas on your property

Safety tips for trick-or-treaters:

  • When approaching a property, watch where you are stepping
  • Don’t be distracted when walking up a set of stairs
  • Don’t look at your phone while you are walking up to someone’s home
  • Do not pet anyone’s pets
  • When passing a driveway, wait until a car has fully backed out to pass

Safety tips for drivers:

  • When backing out of your driveway, be alert for trick-or-treaters
  • Back out of your driveway slowly
  • Look both ways before backing out
  • Yield to any pedestrians
  • Make sure your vision is not obstructed by any decorations while backing out of your driveway

Homeowners must follow safety tips during Halloween to protect themselves from any future liability for any injuries. To avoid any incidents that could cause serious injuries to occur, follow these important Halloween safety tips to protect your property. In the event that you or your child are hurt this Halloween because of someone else’s dangerous property conditions, speak with a Buffalo, New York Personal Injury Attorney from our firm so we can work on getting you the justice you deserve.

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