Most Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Workers’ compensation injuries are something that both the employee and the employer do not want to be apart of. However, when an injury or work-related illness arises, it must be handled correctly. In New York State, businesses are required to have some form of workers’ compensation insurance. In order to receive a business permit in New York State, a business owner must have some form of insurance.

Any sort of illness or injury that can be traced back as a direct result of the job has the potential of a workers’ compensation lawsuit. As previously stated, businesses are required to have some sort of workers’ compensation insurance, however, that doesn’t mean that you will receive as much compensation as you deserve. Employers and especially insurance companies will try to pay out the bare minimum for the filing of a workers’ comp case. Because of this, it is always important to at least speak to a workers’ compensation attorney. They will be able to help you and better understand whether or not you have a case.

Most Common Injuries Sustained in the Workplace

Brain Injuries

Without the correct equipment, brain injuries can occur out on the construction site and other hazardous premises. When a worker it not wearing a hard hat or any protection of the head area, an injury can occur. This could come from an object striking the head or hitting of the head on something. This could also occur from a slip-and-fall, causing you to hit your head on the ground.


These types of workers’ compensation injuries result in 30.06% of workers’ compensation claims. According to the U.S. Laboratory of Medicine, strains occur when a tendon or muscle is torn or stretched. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) notes that this type of injury occurs when a worker is performing a task that is relatively strenuous on the human body and can happen, for example, when a worker performs repetitive tasks.


Contusions result in 20.83% of workers’ compensation claims. A contusion can be described as a bruising that occurs after a bump to the body or after suffering a fall. Most bruises are not a significant cause of concern, but severe pain in the area, swelling or bruising that starts within 30 minutes of suffering an injury may be a severe indication of a serious issue.


Lacerations account for 11.79% of workers’ compensation claims. According to the National Safety Council’s Safety + Health Magazine, suffering a laceration or a cut at work can happen when a worker uses an inappropriate tool or a tool that has been kept in poor condition. In addition, workers can also receive lacerations from machines with missing parts or improperly adjusted guards. Poor lighting or clutter within an area can also result in a laceration.


This type of workplace injury can result in 8.85% of claims. According to the U.S. Laboratory of Medicine, sprain occur when a ligament is either torn or stretched. On the basis of strains, OSHA reports that sprains can result from performing of repetitive tasks such as lifting, pushing or pulling of heavy items, having awkward posture, or reaching overhead.


Punctures result from 5.50% of claims. Workers can suffer from puncture wounds when they are working with tools such as knives or scissors or even items such as nails, glass, or splintered surfaces. Working with tools that have a dull blade or improperly handling of metal shards or broken glass are risks that could lead to punctured wounds.

While prevention of these workers’ compensation injuries from happening is possible, that doesn’t mean that they could still potentially occur. Taking as many precautions as possible including utilizing personal protection equipment (PPE), rotating workers, creating buffers or eliminating hazards, providing proper training, and establishing safety committees can help in the prevention of such injuries.

Next Steps

If, however, you do find yourself in a workers’ compensation claim and need help, be sure to contact an attorney at Ramos & Ramos. They can help in answering any questions you may have as well as determining whether you have a case or not. Filling out our Free Case Evaluation can help in describing your specific case to our attorneys to see how much your case is worth. The attorneys at Ramos & Ramos are here to help defend your case and get you the compensation that you deserve.