Personal Injury Cases Rise with Summer Activity

The area of personal injury cases is covered under the physical, financial, and emotional injuries that occurs as a result of carelessness, wrongdoing, negligence, or misconduct of one’s person. Personal injury cases rise and tend to occur when there is a greater risk of accidents or incidents occurring during a specified time period. With the summer months being very short and very minimal, enjoying that time to its greatest potential is important to some.

However, while enjoying activities that may involved accidents happening, personal injury has an increased potential of occurring. In addition, professions that include high volume outdoor labor tend to experience more accidents and injuries. Professions like construction workers and tradesmen tend to be more at risk for injuries while out on the job outside during the summer. People who maintain and facilitate recreational facilities may also be a concern when it comes to taking shortcuts on the job which is harming pleasure seekers.

Increased Outdoor Activities

  • Construction work tends to be at its highest volume during the warm, dry time of summer. The risks on the job could include everything from working on high-rise buildings and paving busy streets.
  • Commercial farming is at its peak during the spring and summer with an increase in crop production. This includes the increased use of labor and machinery during this time.
  • Motorist are less patient on the roads as climate no longer affects their commute. In addition, they are impatient when it comes to extended road trip vacations.
  • Pleasure seekers are enjoying amusement parks, picnics, recreational motor vehicles and outdoor sports.
  • An increase in the number of people who are attending public events which includes concerts, festivals, and fairs.
  • Boaters and water enthusiasts are out on the water more often or out at their local beaches.

Most Common Summertime Personal Injuries

There are several personal injuries that are most common accidents and likely to occur more frequently in the summertime. All of these accidents could result in a serious personal injuries.

Car Accidents: With an increase in vacation travel and shortened commute time due to a decrease in weather delays, people are more likely to be out on the roads and in a rush. This will in turn lead to more accidents during the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day which is the peak time for auto accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Due to the increase time spent outdoors, slip-and-trip accidents tend to commonly occur. In addition, slip-and-fall accidents tend to increase due to the increased time spent near water or in more water-covered areas.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents: Whether an adult or a child, when the sun is out, they are out riding their bicycles. Additionally, motorcyclists are in full force out on the roads. While riding bikes can be fun and adventurous, they can also lead to more accidents if the correct precautions aren’t taken.

Work-Related Accidents: From the Bureau of Labor and Standards, more injuries occur during the summer months than any other time of the year. For example, with an increase of construction work being done on roads, construction workers tend to be more at risk within work zones.

Prevention of Accidents from happening

There are many ways that you can prevent these types of accidents from happening:

  • Be cautious of increased construction work on the roads
  • Watch out for traffic and rushing drivers during commutes and vacations
  • Be on the lookout for pedestrians or kids at play
  • Pay attention to bicycles and motorcycles on the road

Injuries and cases involving personal injury tend to be on the rise during the summer months. The attorneys at Ramos & Ramos are here to help if you have any questions about personal injury or feel that you have a personal injury case. Contact an attorney at Ramos & Ramos or fill out our Free Case Evaluation.