Protect your rights: Uncovering the Hidden Costs of an Automobile Accident

Individuals hurt in an automobile accident are sometimes hesitant to take the situation to the court of law.  Common reasons are because you might feel sorry for the person at fault, or you want to immediately put the horrific experience in the past.  However, deciding not to seek financial compensation for an accident could be more costly than you realize.  There are several costs related to an automobile injury that may go unnoticed initially but are extremely important to your daily life.

Lost Past Wages & Lost Future Wages

If the injury you endured caused you to miss work, these are considered lost wages.  Furthermore, a doctor may suggest that you stay out of the office for weeks/months depending on your injury, which are lost future wages.  How will you sustain a healthy flow of income.

Even though you can receive compensation for an off-the-job injury from your employer under NYS’ Disability Benefits Law, the amount is less than what you typically make.  Individuals who follow this route are eligible to earn half of what their average weekly wage was for the last eight weeks.  The duration of payments can last up to 26 weeks with a maximum amount being capped at $170 per week.  If you are out of work for 26 weeks, it is a requirement that you apply for Social Security Disability Benefits.  It is apparent that if you are encountering financial disabilities (decreased weekly paycheck, increased costly medical bills) and an accident that you are facing injuries from, you may need more help in order to heal in the best way possible.

Medical Bills & Treatment

This cost of medical bills is more apparent.  Although, determining how much in total will be spent towards this from the beginning of your personal injury accident may be difficult.  Often, a minor injury may turn out to be something more major that requires expensive treatment.  Then, long-term/permanent injuries may require a purchase of additional medical equipment to live a sustainable life; examples being crutches, a brace or a wheelchair.  Lastly, there are car accident injuries which may need rehabilitation sessions for recovering control of your body. These will also be costly.


New York is a No-Fault state.  So, when involved in a car accident that caused damage to your vehicle, your car insurance may be able to compensate some of the damages.  However, this will depend on how the insurance companies determine fault.

Additionally, injuries or medical treatment can determine you unfit to operate heavy machinery for the time being, so if you are deemed eligible to continue going to work you may need to pay for a method to get to work.  From trips to the hospital, doctor, or rehabilitation center, you incur additional expenses in order to find transportation to get to the destination.  Sometimes, insurance companies will provide transportation to medical providers.

Is your car accident worth seeing an attorney?

Minor injuries may actually become expensive once all of the factors are acknowledged.  This is why having an attorney can be extremely beneficial as they will work tirelessly with your insurance company to get your bills paid, obtain lost wages, ensure you do not have to pay for any medical expenses, and guarantee your doctors know what is going on with your case.  An advantage of Ramos & Ramos Buffalo law firm is we have a free consultation that you can fill out to determine if we can begin the legal process to earning you financial benefits.  At Ramos & Ramos, our personal injury lawyers will determine the strength of your claim and show you options in which you can pursue this journey.  Our main goal is making sure you get earn your well-deserved compensation and heal properly.