What Happens if I Am Involved in a Parking Lot Accident in New York?

Any kind of slip and fall, especially a parking lot accident, can result in serious injuries. If you find yourself in this situation, read on to see how a seasoned Buffalo parking lot accident lawyer at Ramos & Ramos can help you achieve the financial compensation that you rightfully deserve.

What are the frequent causes of parking lot accidents in New York state?

A parking lot accident can occur between different parties, such as between two motor vehicles or a motor vehicle and a pedestrian. However, the most common party involved in this accident is a negligent parking lot owner who fails to upkeep the proper safety conditions. With that being said, below is a list of hazardous parking lot conditions that can lead to serious injuries:

  • Insufficient lighting.
  • Uneven pavement or potholes in the pavement.
  • Standing water or otherwise slippery liquids left uncleared.
  • Weather-related hazards left uncleared, such as ice or snow.
  • Loose debris.
  • Negligent signage.
  • Insufficient security.

What should I do if I am involved in a parking lot accident?

If you are injured in a parking lot accident, you may be eligible to offset the burden of any financial, physical, or emotional damages you have sustained via a personal injury claim. To do so, you must satisfy the burden of proof, which means that you will have to prove that your injuries are due to the parking lot owner’s negligence. The best way to do this is by following the below steps immediately after your accident:

  1. Call 911: a law enforcement officer will call for medical attention on your behalf. They will also conduct a police report, which you should retain a copy of afterward.
  2. Document the scene: while you wait for the ambulance, if it is safe to do so, take photos and videos of your injuries, damages, and any hazards that may have contributed to your accident.
  3. Collect contact information: if there were any witnesses, ask for their name, phone number, email address, and any photos and videos they may have taken. They may be able to provide witness testimonies afterward.
  4. Seek medical attention: do so as soon as they arrive on the scene. Even if you do not believe you are injured, you should seek treatment for document purposes and because some injuries, such as concussions, are not immediately noticeable.
  5. Gather medical documentation: this documentation should include the date, time, and severity of your injuries. Also, collect medical bills that show the costs of your necessary treatments.
  6. Contact a knowledgeable Buffalo slip & fall lawyer: our firm can help you collect further evidence to support your claim, such as surveillance footage of your accident. Importantly, the statute of limitations for a parking lot accident claim in New York state is three years from the date of your accident.

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