Workers Comp “How Do I Get Paid?”

You or a loved one unfortunately got hurt at work. Your life has changed, from not being able to work to scheduling doctors appointments, from transportation issues to finding alternate ways to do the things you used to do. The one thing you would like to count on is your workers’ compensation benefits. You might have said to yourself “with workers’ comp, how do I get paid?” When it comes to workers’ comp in New York we have the answer to that question.

Workers’ Comp “How Do I Get Paid?”

The quick answer is that some benefits start immediately. Necessary medical care will be provided in New York. You will potentially be eligible for workers’ comp benefits once your employer, your employer’s insurance company or the state issues a notice that your workers’ compensation claim is allowed / accepted. The circumstances of your case, severity of your injuries and your ability to return to work will determine your entitlement to benefits.

Medical Benefits Begin Immediately

After you file a workers’ compensation claim all medical bills for related treatment of your work injury will likely be paid for by your employer, or your employer’s insurance company. This is not determined by the acceptance of your claim.

You should seek medical treatment before you workers’ compensation claim. If you were hurt on the job let your employer know immediately. After letting your employer know seek medical treatment. This is when you and your doctor can start documenting your work related injury. Your doctor will then be able to bill your employer, or your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier, directly.

When Do Non-Medical Benefits Begin?

Before you can start receiving temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, and other workers’ compensation benefits your claim needs to be accepted. If your claim is denied, you may appeal that decision. Your benefits will not begin unless you win on appeal.

If you have questions about your eligibility for certain workers’ compensation benefits, or you believe you are not receiving your full benefits, call us immediately. We hoped this post about workers comp “how do I get paid” helped. We will fight for you to ensure you receive the maximum benefits possible. 716-810-6140

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