What Are the Most Common Causes of Restaurant Accidents?

While restaurants are a commonplace of entertainment in New York state, they are also a commonplace of accidents. Regardless of whether you are a worker or a patron, you are entitled to recover financial compensation for the injuries and damages you incurred in a restaurant accident. Read on to understand the common causes of these incidents and how a seasoned Buffalo restaurant liability lawyer of Ramos & Ramos can be by your side when filing your personal injury claim.

What are the most common restaurant accidents that occur in New York state?

Restaurant accidents frequently occur when restaurant staff members or owners do not uphold their duty to properly maintain the property. The most common examples of such negligence that can lead to injuries and damages include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A slip and fall accident due to spilled drinks that leave slippery surfaces, especially when warning signs are not present.
  • A slip and fall accident due to dropped food, especially when warning signs are not present.
  • A slip and fall accident due to an unturned rug or mat.
  • A slip and fall accident due to unsafe stairwells.
  • A slip and fall accident due to debris or damaged surfaces in the parking lot or on the sidewalk.
  • Serious burns due to hot plates.
  • Serious burns due to restaurant equipment.
  • Serious electrocutions due to dysfunctional restaurant equipment.
  • Injuries due to exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Injuries due to heavy lifting when you are unable to due to a medical condition.
  • Injuries due to safety hazards unseen with dim lighting.
  • Hearing loss due to loudspeakers in drive-thrus.
  • Food poisoning due to using spoiled or rotten food.
  • Alcohol poisoning due to bartenders over-serving.

How can I recover compensation after a restaurant accident in New York state?

To recover compensation after a restaurant, you must file a personal injury claim. With this, you hold the responsibility of fulfilling the burden of proof. This proof must point to the fact that the at-fault restaurant staff member or owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and failed to fix it in a timely manner. Specific pieces of evidence that will allow you to prove this include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A copy of the police report that was filed at the scene of your accident.
  • Pictures and videos of the unsafe restaurant conditions, your injuries, and your damages.
  • Witness testimonies of your accident.
  • Surveillance camera footage of your accident.
  • Medical documents and bills that include the date, time, and seriousness of your injuries.

If you need assistance with obtaining this evidence, contact a competent Buffalo slip & fall lawyer today.

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