What Happens if I Receive a Bicycle Accident Injury?

Oftentimes, motorists do not show cyclists the respect they deserve on the New York roads. Such lack of care may ultimately result in an accident where a cyclist sustains serious injuries and damages. Read on to discover what you should do in the event of a bicycle accident and how a seasoned Buffalo bicycle accident lawyer at Ramos & Ramos can assist you in pursuing compensation via a personal injury claim.

How do bicycle accidents commonly occur in New York state?

Put simply, bicycle accidents are commonly caused by the negligence of motorists. This is regardless of whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet, elbow pads, and/or shoulder pads, because of the sheer size and weight of motor vehicles compared to bicycles. That said, specific examples of how motorists can cause these accidents to occur are as follows:

  • Reckless driving, such as changing lanes carelessly, speeding, ignoring traffic lights or signs, etc.
  • Distracted driving.
  • Drugged driving.
  • Opening doors before looking both ways.
  • Trying to overtake cyclists.
  • Driving onto the shoulder of the road.

What should I do if I receive a bicycle accident injury in New York state?

If you were injured as a cyclist due to the fault of a motorist, you may be entitled to financial compensation via a personal injury claim. Before all else, you must collect enough evidence that correlates your injuries and damages to the motorist’s negligence. So, you must take the following approach while still at the scene of your accident.

  1. Alert the authorities: law enforcement will bring medical attention to the scene and conduct an official police report. You should ask for a copy of this report afterward.
  2. Capture the scene: take photos and videos of the scene (i.e., your injuries, damages, and any contributory hazards).
  3. Collect contact information: ask for the motorist’s contact information (i.e., name, number, email address, insurance company, insurance policy number, etc). Do the same for any present witnesses that can provide witness testimony afterward.
  4. Seek medical treatment: get treated at the scene, even if you do not feel immediate symptoms. You should schedule follow-up appoints and ask for copies of medical documentation afterward that include the date, time, and severity of your injuries.
  5. Hire an attorney: contact a competent Buffalo auto accident lawyer. We will help you collect any further evidence to satisfy your burden of proof (i.e., surveillance camera footage).
  6. Meet the deadline: in New York, the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim is generally three years from the date of your accident. If you fail to meet this deadline, you may risk being permanently barred from a lawsuit.

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